Please note temporary adjustments we have taken to continue to providing care for your employees who have injuries at work or need Occupational services which require a physician or provider such as physical exams.

We have created at each location designated slots seven days per week which are reserved for injured workers or those sent by their employers for Occupational services. These designated slots are not visible to the public; only our staff can add a person for services. They can be accessed either by contacting our Business Development and Marketing team at 210‐349‐5577, ext. 8521 Monday thru Friday 8‐5. They can also be accessed by walking into any of our locations seven days per week where clinic staff can assign them to these slots, if any remain available. It is possible all designated slots maybe filled at the location to which they presented and thus we may need to have them travel to another location (assuming they are physically capable, i.e. their injury does not prevent). We will make every effort to see each urgent/emergent medical problem at the location to which a patient presents.

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